I have come to the conclusion that the members on this site are retarded.

I can see now why people in Machinima videos (such as Two Best Friends Play), NeoGAF and pretty much every other site thinks Kotaku is a joke.

You guys make the people over at 4chan look like classy people. I think this site and the whole Gawker media site being hacked was the best thing that could happen to this site because it was shut down. You guys are so gullible that anything Kotaku posts, you guys snatch it up and swallow it as if it's the truth from God. Hopefully you guys will be able to see that this site has turned to absolute complete shit and realize that even IGN does a better job than this site. Fuck, even GameSpot for fuck sakes is a much better site, and that's pretty bad.

Hopefully you guys will be able to see that this site will never be taken seriously so long as it's run by retards, and commented on by fuckwits like you guys. This is the biggest bait and troll site that claims to be a gaming blog. This is the most fake of gaming coverage in the world where they will say or do anything just so you guys will come to their site so they get hits so they get money. Good job and supporting shit like this, and good job on being shit heads yourselves.

Maybe one day this site will become useful, and good, and will actually cover stories instead of making shit up, but I doubt that will ever happen seeing as how all the talent this site had (Crecente, McWhertor for example) are gone on to do better things.

Keep it up Kotaku, keep going down the shitter.